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Christian Dior's advice

Christian Dior had his own ideas about femininity. Famous Fashion designer Managed to return the refinement of the female image in the difficult post-war period and prove that the goddesses are living women, whose beauty was emphasized and appreciated ...

Simplicity, elementary care of appearance and developed taste - a pledge Elegance, Considered the dior. First of all he respected the quality and was attentive to the little things. "My ideal was the brand of a" good worker "- a category, frankly speaking, not bright, but for me it is extremely valuable, as it implies honesty and quality."

The Christian took care of women like no other. His recommendations - the words of a real man who visited the war, and at the same time - the artist's delicate statements about beauty.

Advice of Christian Dior

  1. Do not get tired of studying yourself
    So that Choose the right clothes, You need to know thoroughly what color and model all your dignities emphasize.

    The right collar will focus on a beautiful face, special sleeves will help pay attention to the gentle hands. The waist will make the thin or thick girdle more visible.

    Christian Dior

  2. Avoid absurdities
    The most extravagant image should be considered! To operate with unusual combinations in clothes, you need not only courage, but also a well-developed taste. Remember that strange combinations of things can kill you in appearance.
    Christian Dior
  3. Carefully choose underwear
    Without a chic lingerie a woman loses her strength andself-confidence. You can have only one modest dress, but you will be queen, if under it hides a magnificent set. This secret always works!
    Christian Dior
  4. Accessories - a necessary detail
    Cheap jewelry will make any outfitUnpretentious. It is better to reduce the number of clothes and ornaments, but to choose the best of everything possible. Dior adored lilies of the valley and any garden flowers: brooches with plant motifs remain a symbol of a respectable hostess and beloved wife to this day.

    Also very important shoes: it reflects the self-esteem of a woman and is the main link in the formation of a good impression!

    Christian Dior

  5. Perfume - the finishing touch of the image
    The dior believed that the marvelous smell was not only the woman and her outfits, but also the women's room. The smell can create a mood and make you really unique! "Spirits speak of a woman more than her handwriting."
    Christian Dior
  6. Be carefree!
    In times of dior women had to performA lot of men's work. It was very difficult at the same time to remain fragile and serene ... the Christian believed in luck and always advised to rely on a lucky star, because she has everyone.

    The dior spoke of the inseparable connection between how you live and how you look. "My outfits are my life, as I live every day: with her feelings, splashes, tenderness and joy."

    Christian Dior

"I paint in notebooks, on napkins orAccount in the restaurant. At night I wake up and draw something again, then I fall asleep again: I dream about dreams, filled with thoughts about dresses ... unexpectedly, like lightning, I am amazed by the idea of ​​a new dress design - I give myself to passion and, based on this picture, I create several more options! "

This passionate man really understood women! Show the article to your friends, they will surely like brilliant advice from Christian Dior.