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What can not be heated in the microwave?

It is possible to argue for a long time, whether it is necessary in general Use a microwave oven. The results of research on this issue vary, and consequently - the opinions of people. "so simple!" In no case begins a discussion about the benefits and harms of microwave, but will tell you that you can not exactly warm up in this electrical appliance.

The following products and things are not worth it Heat In the microwave. Observing the elementary rules of safety, you will save yourself from breaking the kitchen assistant and take care of your health!

That it is dangerous and harmful to heat in a microwave oven

  1. Baby food
    In the first place we will talk about the expressed thoracicMilk! Under the action of microwaves it becomes toxic. If you need to warm up a little baby milk and do not kill the immunoglobulins that are in it, it is better to use the traditional method - to heat under a stream of hot water or in a water bath.
  2. Small child

  3. foil
    Aluminum foil in the microwave oven? Of course, if you want to see the thunder and lightning in a single microwave, and then solemnly take it out to the trash! Look, that actually can occur.
  4. broccoli
    Compared with other vegetables and fruits, broccoli loses the most amount of its useful substances in the microwave. More precisely, almost everything!
  5. Broccoli in a microwave oven

  6. Raw eggs
    Also a frequent dispute: Whether it is possible to cook eggs in the microwave in the shell. It is possible, if preliminary to make some manipulations. In most cases, the raw egg will explode, and you will have to wash the appliance for a long time. Is it not easier to use the traditional way?
  7. garlic
    Another product that loses its super-useful qualities after heating in the microwave oven. Anti-cancer properties as never happened!
  8. garlic

  9. Cd
    Experiment for the sake of, but that's what a funny thing will happen if you put the disc in the microwave. Just do not repeat!
  10. frozen food
    Defrosting Fruits and berries In a microwave can lead to the conversion of useful glucoside and galactoside into carcinogens.

    But if you need Unfreeze meat, It is better to lay it out in advance or put under a stream of cold running water. The fact is that in the meat warmed up in the microwave, about half of the vitamin b12 contained in it is destroyed.

  11. Frozen meat

  12. Protein products
    Try to use a microwave oven for protein products less. In a conventional oven, the structure of the protein is not destroyed so quickly ...
  13. Protein products

  14. Some types of dishes
    Be extremely careful with the following types of dishes: Ceramic, metal, aluminum, crystal, porcelain, from ordinary glass. In addition, plastic containers or food films add to food a certain dose of carcinogens. the best Microwave utensils - made of tempered refractory or heat-resistant glass.
  15. Cookware in the microwave

But have you heard the terrible stories that some people thought up even to dry their pets in the microwave oven? Here they give ... as you see, knowing the main Details of using a microwave oven, You will get less harm from the "invention of the century"!

Perhaps, to your friends who use the microwave oven every day, it will be useful to learn these facts.