/ How to decorate a bottle of champagne

How to decorate a bottle of champagne

Champagne is not only a delicious New Year's drink. This is one of the invariable attributes of the holiday! Chilled a sparkling wine Creates an unforgettable atmosphere of winter magic ...

Today "so simple!" Tell you, How to decorate champagne for the new year Own hands. This version of the decor is very effective. In addition, it is simple in execution: in 3 minutes the treasured bottle will be ready for a celebration!

How to decorate a bottle of champagne

You will need

  • Sealed bottle of champagne
  • Glue (aerosol or pvc)
  • Sequins of any colors
  • latex gloves
  • Newspaper or paper

  1. You just need to grease the bottle generously with glue or spray the glue from the can.
    New Year Champagne Photo
  2. Now it remains to distribute the sequins over the surface of the bottle and allow the glue to dry.
    How to decorate champagne
  3. You can add bottles of originality, embellishing them with additional details.
    Champagne decor
  4. Not necessarily to glitter the whole bottle ...
    Champagne for the new year
  5. Impressively!
    New Year's decor of a bottle
  6. How do you want a holiday ...
    Bottle in the sequins photo
  7. Can create a chic New Year's composition can everyone! An interesting idea is to use notes as decor.
    Champagne for the new year
  8. A playful mood is ensured!
    Champagne for the wedding
  9. The remaining glitter can be used to decorate the glasses.
    Glass in spangles
  10. New Year's manicure is incredibly easy to make: you need to apply a little shiny on top of just painted nails.
    Golden champagne
  11. On New Year's Eve many objects are transformed ... unexpectedly and very cute!
  12. An incomparable idea for filing spirits.
    Wine stand
  13. Experimenting with different colors, you can achieve perfect harmony in the interior.
    Bottle decoration

Opening the bottle, remember that a flying champagne cork can accelerate to 100 km / h!

The festive atmosphere is so contagious ... show your friends how to transform an ordinary bottle of champagne, they will definitely appreciate it!