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How to protect joints between tiles

Bath cleaning - this is one of the most troublesome household chores. Due to high humidity in this room there is dirt, plaque, and sometimes mold between the seams on the tile. Cleaning of seams - this work is laborious and requires a sufficient amount of time.

Unfortunately, dirt and mildew come back very soon. But this process can be slowed down for a long time, using one trick.

All you need is a candle! How to use it: after you have carefully cleaned the tile and interlacing seams in the bathroom, take the usual White paraffin candle, Which is sold in any supermarket.

Protection of joints between tiles

Turn it with a blunt end and hold it several times on the seam.

Protection of joints between tiles

This procedure should preferably be done in places where water gets on the tile: near the washbasin and the bathroom. Seams will be reliably protected by the formed film.

Now you can forget for a long time about dirty seams and mold between tiles. Ingeniously!

More details can be viewed in the video!

This trick with the use of a candle is wonderful, so we recommend that you definitely share it with your friends. Because everyone wants to keep clean after cleaning.