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Perhaps, in every person, beauty is associated primarily with health. So much is inherent in nature. Therefore such a tiny detail as the subcutaneous Expanded capillaries, Can even grieve even the most confident woman. Though it does not look very aesthetic ... but what should I do? Because they do not cause any inconvenience.

in the hospital Vasculature Treat with special injections or a laser to achieve visible cosmetic effect. The recovery takes about 3 months ... and with a doctor not everyone is lucky. that's why "so simple!" Invites you to try these folk methods. Besides, they are simple and safe.

Vascular asterisks

How to remove vascular asterisks

  1. Fresh green tomatoes contain the necessary medicinal acids. Cut the tomato in half and place the flesh on the vascular net. Hold tomato for 3 minutes, then smear the place with any nutritious cream.

    The result should appear after 4 days of use. Continue to repeat the procedure for no more than 10 days. Green tomatoes can be replaced with young potatoes, it contains the same medicinal substances.

    Green tomatoes

  2. Apple cider vinegar is another effective remedy. Wet the cotton wool disk with apple cider vinegar and attach to the place with a vascular net. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day for 4 weeks.

    But be careful: this method is best not to be used with sensitive skin, as irritation may appear.

    Apple vinegar

Causes of vascular asterisks ratherA lot: from heredity to excess weight. They can also indicate the initial stage of varicose veins. Hope these methods will help you achieve the desired result. Share the article with your friends!