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Symptoms of Depression

We often hear from people such a phrase: "It seems, again I have depression!". In fact, everything is not so simple ... melancholy and depression are two different things.

Depression most often goes unnoticed, and this is the most dangerous thing. People tend to hide their most painful and profound wounds from someone else's eyes. He remains alone with his problem.

Today this topic is especially relevant. Because we pay so little attention to each other. "so simple!" Prepared for you 8 major Signs of depression, Recognizing which, you can give a helping hand.


Symptoms of depression

That's what people who hide depression are doing:

  1. They look too cheerful, always joking.
    Do not confuse depression with a bad mood. Remember the famous comedian Robin Williams. People are still actors. A person may seem The soul of the company And sparkle with a positive, and inside you experience the deepest disappointment. All the time is in high spirits far from everyone can.
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  3. They tend to write stories.
    People with depression feel that othersStill can not understand them. So they come up with plausible excuses covering their history actions. They try to conceal their state of mind in every way, to appear ordinary people.

    For example, once again refusing to walk with friends, a person motivates it by the fact that he works. In fact, he sits alone in the room and reflects on life.

  4. They suffer from deviations in the regime of the day.
    Such people then sleep too much, then they do not sleep enough. They do not eat regularly. Sleep and nutrition are very important elements of health.

    A person who is depressed can not control himself. Gloomy thoughts, mood swings control him.

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  6. They are more serious about the use of certain products.
    Depressive person knows how to his conditionAffect alcohol or coffee. Knows when, and in what quantities you need to drink. The reason for this is quite trivial - on its mood the listed products affect much more than it should be.
  7. They are prone to philosophizing.
    Such people often think about the meaning of life, seek answers to important life issues. These thoughts, like a quagmire, drag the person. Sometimes it leads to irreversible consequences.
  8. They are usually talented and expressive.
    Many of the most famous actors, musicians,Artists suffered from mental illnesses. Creativity is the result of emotions experienced. Way for a time to leave the depressing world. In art such people find meaning and light.
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  10. They tend to look for everything in everything.
    Any person should be placed in front of himGoals. We are trying to do everything for good. Depressed people crave it even more. They rush to extremes, they seek that sure path that will make sense.
  11. Sometimes they can give signs.
    Even too secretive and powerful people sometimes can give slack and show their pain. In a harmless joke, a cry for help may sound. if A man has opened to you And told about his burden, help him.
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If you find a few signs, immediatelyAct. Talk to the person about his problems. Show how he is dear to you. People generally need to talk more with each other, then many problems can be avoided. Share important information in social networks!