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Why wear a red thread on your wrist

Did you notice periodically as among the gold andDiamonds on the wrist of a celebrity no-no, and flashed inconspicuous red thread? And indeed, lately this trinket has come to the fore more and more often. And now a neighbor in the apartment opposite tells you a lot about the powerful power of the red thread brought to them as Amulets With a rest in Israel ...

What does this mysterious talisman mean? Initially Red thread - Kabbalistic amulet, which, with the rightKnitting is able to protect from spoilage and evil eye and to save the person from bad thoughts. A famous singer and actress Madonna, with the beginning of her passion for Kabbalah, was one of the first among the stars of show business to wear such a thread. Gradually this phenomenon reached our country.

Red thread

Why wear a red thread on your wrist

According to Beliefs of Kabbalists, The thread is tied to the left wrist, sinceThe left side of the body is the host of every negative message. A real thread of Kabbalists must undergo a special ceremony at the tomb of Rachel (foremother of all mankind). Psychologists believe that the power of the amulet can have a common thread, not brought from Israel. A man by his faith in its protective properties fills the red thread with the necessary positive energy.

It is believed that the correct red thread should be woolen and not have fasteners, should be necessarily bought for money and tied up by a close person Seven nodes, Sincerely wishing you good.

How to tie a red thread

Kabbalists say that the thread periodically needsChange: better once in 7 days, because during this time the talisman collects all the surrounding negative. But there is an opinion that on the contrary - the thread can not be removed under any pretext. It must be lost itself as a sign that a person has passed a serious danger.

Whichever Mascot of happiness and luck You have not chosen, remember that an open heart and kindness towards people are always returned a hundredfold. Peace and good to you and your loved ones!