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Why the baby is crying

Young parents often can not find a place when they do not understand, Why their child is crying. He is full, healthy, does not want to sleep and he just changed diapers, what else could be wrong? There is one more thing dangerous for babies - hair!

Why the baby is crying

It sounds pretty weird, but your hair,Can get entangled around the child's fingers and even interfere with normal blood supply. This causes not only discomfort, but also painful sensations, from which the child begins to cry. It would seem, what harm can ordinary soft hairs bring? But in fact they have high strength and poor stretch.

Baby's legs

Doctors focus on this problem,After all, although many young parents face this, not many of them know what this leads to. If a parent has long hair, the toddler often grasps for them with his hands and sometimes pulls out Locks.

If little or dad does not pay attention to this andDo not take away torn hairs, they can get into diapers or settle on the legs of the baby. Because of this, he can begin to cry, as it seems to the parents, for no reason.

In a zone of special danger - toes, Because they are almost always closedSocks or pantyhose, especially in the cold season. Also it is worth paying attention to whether the hair has fallen into the diaper of your child, especially if you have a boy.

If the next time your child begins to cry unconsciously, start looking for his hair on his body, perhaps the reason lies in this. But have you encountered this problem before?