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Correction of the shape of the eyebrows

If the eyes are the mirror of our soul, then the eyebrows are its frame. Or rather, a reflector of emotions and inner feelings ... Eyebrow shape Can change the face beyond recognition: transform into a better one or give an expression of constant surprise! That's why eyebrows should be given no less attention than skin care or hair care.

Eyebrow shaping

  1. the form
    Depending on the type of face, the eyebrows can be: arched, curved, horizontal, ascending, small house ...

    Almost all shapes fit to chubby girls, especially their thin, slightly bent eyebrows. On a square and rectangular face will look good Medium eyebrows Without steep bends, it is also better to avoid too fine lines.

    Oval face holders will be approached by eyebrows with a high bend, curved or straight. The thickness of the eyebrows is a matter of taste, but remember that in fashion now is natural.

    Eyebrow shape

  2. Location
    Determine where the eyebrow should begin and in whichPlace to end, it can be very problematic. Mentally imagine two lines coming from the corners of the eyes and intersecting at the base of the nostril. The resulting distance between them above the eye and will, presumably, be the optimal length of the eyebrow.
    eyebrow correction
  3. instruments
    A good result is not achieved without a good inventory. Get a magnifying mirror and quality tweezers that do not break the hairs.
  4. Hair removal
    Today there are several popular waysRemoval of unwanted hair: removal of wax, filament, plucking with tweezers ... in any case, before starting the procedure, wash your face with warm water, process instruments. To reduce sensitivity, you can lubricate the eyebrow with a cooling gel. Remove the hairs, moving from the bridge of the nose to the temple, in the direction of their growth.
    Eyebrow plucking
  5. Eyebrow growth
    Yes, it is sometimes necessary to grow eyebrows! Especially those who once overdid with plucking ... as already mentioned, now the natural form of eyebrows is preferable. Castor oil will help restore their original appearance. Every night, lubricate the eyebrows with this remedy, combing it with a soft brush.

    In a month you can admire the brilliance of your luxurious eyebrows. Cilia, by the way, also oil does not hurt!

  6. makeup
    In eyebrow makeup is better to avoid thick straightLines. If you use a pencil, try to emphasize the lower arch by a light solid line, and fill the space between the hairs with short, jerky stitches. So the view will be more natural.

    Greatly simplify the task of special Eyebrow shadows. As a rule, they are sold complete with wax, fixing the form.

    Eyebrow makeup

Thanks to our advice, you will learn quickly Brow, And they will be excellently and harmoniously combined with any make-up.