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Error wives and mistresses

When the husband begins change, Women tear their hair and experience,Thinking that it was their fault. But the mistress lies in wait for the same danger, because they can get bored and they too will be abandoned. And all this happens only because wives and mistresses make the same mistake about which "so simple!" Tell you today!

In what equally mistaken and wives, and mistresses

most Modern married women They are sure that husbands love only them. And even if the spouses change, it's just from an excess of free time and male hormones.

in its turn, Mistresses These men are sure that the opposite is true - men come to them because of great love, and return to their wives only out of habit.

Man and woman

Unfortunately, both wives and mistresses Are mistaken, Because every man, like, in fact, any woman, first of all loves only himself. Well and mum.

Men do not leave their wives, because with them Snugly, Comfortable and at home there is always clean clothes and delicious food.

They go to their mistresses, because they give them New feelings And it's fun with them.

But they always return to their mothers, because they will cook more deliciously than their wives, moreover they will regret if necessary.

So that a man does not hurt you, always remember this and love yourself first.