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How Adel has lost weight

British diva Adele Was always famous for its unrivaled voice and ... magnificent forms. As well as the famous singer, many simple women are familiar with the situation of eternal struggle with extra pounds.

Adele admits that in another attempt to lose weight she even became a vegetarian for a while! Of course, the results were noticeable, but they were not enough.


After a 2-year hiatus in the singing career, Adele appeared in the public quite prettier and postroynevshey. She did not hide from the fans the secret of her transformation.

How thin an adele

How thin an adele

The singer admitted that she was a passionateA fan of tea. She can drink a day to 10-12 cups of this drink! In itself tea of ​​danger does not carry, but a snag in that the adel put in each cup on 2 slices Sahara, And this - up to 25 cubes per day. Giving up sugar, the star dropped 10 extra pounds.

Nutritionists say that by adding additional drinks, as well as yoghurts, cereals, curds, we not only negate all efforts to lose weight, but also seriously harm health.

Adele has lost weight

Carefully read the labels of goods in the store to exclude the presence of Latent sugar. This you can find out by looking at point"Carbohydrates." If 100 grams of the product contains more than 15 g of sugar from the total number of carbohydrates - we have a high sugar content, 5 g of sugar or less of the total number of carbohydrates means that the product has a low sugar content.

Pay attention to what you eat, perhaps the reason for the slow loss of excess weight is hidden just in the diet of hidden sugar ... stay healthy and shine brighter than the stars with advice from "so simple!".