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How not to look like an old woman

Every woman wants always Look young and attractive. However, unfortunately, even with excellent health, this does not always happen. You may feel cheerful beyond the years, but why do others think that you are 10 years more?

And maybe the problem is your style? We suggest that you put your wardrobe in order and throw away those things that Visually age. So, tear off the closet ...

Things that are getting old

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  1. No matter how fashionable these colors may be, but burgundy, crimson, brown, gray grow old. It should also include olive, marsh and other earthy shades.
  2. Before the most inveterate women of fashion tried to pick up a bag and costume jewelry in the tone of shoes. Alas, the fashion is changeable and this trend has lost its relevance.
  3. Catchy make-up, incomprehensible hair color, bright clothes, can, and do not age, but look defiant.
  4. Carefully with skirts! Long skirts will add a couple of years, mini - you know how it might look like. The ideal variant is a skirt of medium length: it extends the legs and makes the figure slimmer and slimmer.
  5. In an informal setting, the office style is irrelevant. Will seem austere aunt!
  6. Answer honestly: how many bags do you have? One bag for all occasions - boringly somehow ...
  7. Try to always emphasize your waist. The things of a free cut often look ridiculous.
  8. Velor, satin, lurex and lace - not for everyday wear.
  9. Avoid a lot of jewelry, rhinestones and beads.
  10. Discreet makeup will refresh your image, but a ton of makeup on your face is not something that your age will not hide, but also adds a couple of years.
  11. Shoes with a long sharp nose ... has long been out of fashion!
  12. The most controversial issue: black clothes! On the one hand, it slits the figure, on the other - the black color is old. In any case, you can refresh the image with a light kerchief or scarf.
  13. In general, dark colors add age, and light, on the contrary, even a little younger.

Even if you are young at heart, do not neglectDesign recommendations. Otherwise, you can "grow old" prematurely. But still I want to add: an older woman is not so much an attire as Thoughts of old age And inattention to yourself. So that the right mood and positive emotions for you!

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