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How to eat and not get fat

To deny yourself a favorite meal during New Year's EveHolidays - a sin! The magic atmosphere, the general merriment, the soul company inspire to arrange gastronomic revelry. But the holidays end, and the feeling Gravity in the abdomen And hateful extra centimeters remain ...

Then do not bite your elbows, "so simple!" Offers you several effective ways to deceive the body and refrain from overeating.

As there is and do not get fat

  1. Do not wear loose clothes
    Loose clothing is very convenient, but treacherous. The fact is that when we wear worn jeans and a stretched sweater, we feel thinner.

    Nutritionists say that such clothes contribute to Overeating. Things that emphasize the figure, will remind you of their own forms and help not overdo it with food.

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  3. Avoid mouth-watering pictures
    During the New Year holidays, screens are full of various recipes. Leading culinary shows in bright colors describe the aromas of dishes.

    This contributes to the fact that we constantly think about food. At the sight of beautiful dishes, the level of the hormone of hunger rises - ghrelin. Even if we are full, an unknown force pulls to the fridge or to the table ...

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  5. Strike out small snacks
    Canapes and tartlets - a worthy decorationFestive table. We eat these snacks one by one, even without noticing the scale of the eaten. So these little delicacies are not as harmless as they seem.
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  7. Do not use large plates
    Researchers argue that a large plateMakes a person think that he will not eat. In a small plate the portion looks more impressive. Amazing, but this simple trick helps a third to reduce the amount of calories consumed!
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  9. Cut into small pieces
    It is no secret to anyone that the feeling of saturationComes late: only 15-25 minutes after eating. And we are still eating. If you cut a dish into smaller pieces, the process of eating will take longer. So you do not overdo it with the amount of food you need.
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  11. Do not rush everything off the plate
    Yes, the habit of leaving food after itself is considered harmful. But sometimes it's time to pause to find out if it's worth it to destroy everything to the last crumb.
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  13. Watch over breakfast
    Usually after the evening meal in the morning, the remains of Olivier fall into the hands. Do not overload the stomach from the morning. Better prepare something more useful and simple.
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We hope that in holidays You will remember at least one of these tips. everything should be in moderation. Do not deny yourself a favorite treat and share the article with your friends!