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Councils for needlewomen

All women are born needlewomen, because they have to constantly work around the house! "so simple!" Kindly suggests that you take advantage of Useful tricks Experienced masters.

Now any Domestic affairs You can perform in two accounts and with pleasure! These tips are so nice to apply in practice ...

Advice to needlewomen

  1. Now Distance between stitches Will be perfectly smooth! You just need to make a memorable mark on your finger.
  2. Trick for Patterns with allowance!!
  3. Turns out, silicone Separator for pedicure It can be adapted for storing bobbins and small skeins of thread.
  4. A piece of foam rubber and clothespins turn into a very convenient compact brush!
  5. Coiling Platen for painting Yarn, you will achieve a very unusual relief pattern on the walls.
    Paint roller
  6. A figured template made of cardboard can be adapted to create Moroccan pattern.
    Wall painting
  7. From a plastic bottle can be built Paint container And a convenient holder for brushes.
    plastic bottle
  8. Sticky roller Irreplaceable in needlework! Randomly scattered sequins, beads, scraps of fabric and threads are removed instantly with the help of this object.
    Sticky roller
  9. Idea for storing pins, needles and other metal trifles: by attaching a magnet from the back of the saucer, you fix the sharp objects in one place, and they will still be at hand!
    Needles on a saucer
  10. It is very convenient to store tools on the table, fixing them on a cardboard stand!
  11. Having fastened to the ends of the spokes Wine corks, You will protect the eyelets - not one will blossom!
  12. So you can fasten the bracelet when weaving.
    a bracelet
  13. With the help of a clerical clip it is possible to fix a thing that is inconvenient for cutting.
    How to cut a cork
  14. Tremendous organization of the process! No confusion ...

Today I will try some of these good ideas for needlework! Share in the comments with your own tricks that help you on the farm.