/ How to warm your feet in winter

How to warm your feet in winter

You probably noticed that in frosty weather the first Their feet freeze. In the cold, blood circulation slows down, blood does not flow to the limbs. Our feet are quickly supercooled. And then the consequences come ...

Catarrhal diseases, cystitis, kidney disease is a small list of what threatens Hypothermia of the feet. But how to keep warm? After all sometimes in the evening after work it is necessary to wait for a long time transport, and walks on fresh air in the winter nobody canceled.

Then even boots with thick soles and woolen socks do not help keep the heat. Fingers start to grow dumb, and you feel that the cold is spreading all over the body.

so "so simple!" Prepared for you an effective way to warm your feet in winter.

How to warm feet

You will need

  • winter shoes
  • scissors
  • marker
  • Heat reflector

The foil heat reflector for installation behind the battery can be bought at any construction store.

Heat reflector


  1. Get out your shoe and put it on the heat reflector sheet.
  2. Mark the edges of the insole with the marker.
  3. Scissor the insole from the heat reflector and place it in the boot.
  4. Top up the usual insole.

Watch a video that demonstrates the whole procedure.

And another important detail: advice from a seasoned tourist! So that the foot is better "breathing", you need to punch in the insole a few holes 3-4 mm in diameter.

Thus, the reflector will return heat to the body and prevent cold from getting to the ground. Let it be warm and cozy this winter! Share a secret, how to keep warm in the winter, with friends.