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How to remove mold from a washing machine

You suddenly began to notice that after washing things get an unpleasant smell, and on the rubber bands of the washing machine or in the powder trays, black spots appeared? Know that Black mold, A fungus that causes various diseases of man and animals.

Often mold appears where favorable conditions for it are formed: increased humidity and heat. The bathroom is the ideal place for development Fungus, Spores of which easily move in air currents and settle on different surfaces.


Key Causes mold in the washing machine - constant washing at low temperatures 30-40from; Not completely drained water from the tank creates favorable conditions for the development of an entire colony of fungus; Improper maintenance of the washing machine: after each wash, thoroughly wipe all surfaces of the unit dry; Always tightly closed door.

Mold in the washing machine

How to remove mold from a washing machine

You will need

  • Liquid detergent, preferably with chlorine
  • Economic sponge, which then it is not a pity to throw away
  • Dense household gloves
  • 25 g of citric acid

  1. The first step in combating mold will be the usual wiping the inner surface of the machine with a napkin to get rid of the accumulated dirt.
  2. Apply any cleaning agent Chlorine On the rubber on the entire surface, evenly distributed.
  3. Close the door and leave it for 2 hours.
  4. After this time, run the machine in rinse mode to rinse out the cleaning agent.
  5. In the compartment for washing powder backfill Citric acid And run the hottest wash mode.

After such procedure your machine will flash like a new one. Spend it regularly every couple of months to finally Take the mold out of the washing machine. And do not forget that preventive care will significantly extend the life of your faithful assistant.