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How to Meet the Year of the Monkey

"so simple!" Believes: the new year is a holiday bringing miracles to the life of every person. The symbol of the coming 2016 will be a fiery monkey, and it will necessarily change everything!

Astrologers say that you must meet and coax the monkey in a special way. If everything is done correctly in New Year's Eve, The upcoming 365 days will be successful! No matter how skeptical you are towards these words, they make sense.

The whole point is that a bright holiday is an occasionRemember the best things in the world. About your childhood, family, friends, love, good deeds, the most daring dreams and wishes ... it is only necessary to tune in to a wave of happiness and magic, how miracles will become real!

How to meet a monkey year


  1. fun
    No matter where and with whom you will meet the new year! It's important to create fun. for each The sign of the zodiac Fate this year has prepared many happy chances! But the stars will start to work in your favor, only if you sincerely enjoy the holiday.

    Do not forget about clapboards, Bengal lights, fireworks! The fiery sign of the coming year obliges to acquire such New Year's accessories.

  2. Fiery monkey

  3. new Year decoration
    Do not worry, with the decorations this time justCan not be overdone! Garlands similar to hanging creepers, mandarins and candy on Christmas trees, money bills tied with red thread, small candles on the Christmas tree, snowflakes from foil, exquisite carved pineapples ... the monkey will appreciate your efforts and will pay back in the coming year a hundredfold!
  4. Decorations on the tree

  5. What to wear for the new year
    Stylish evening outfit - that's what you need toAttract success in the new year! No vulgarity and excess: it will upset the monkey ... welcome red, orange, purple and purple shades of outfits. Very important jewelry - it's time to get family jewelry from the box or to dress up well, using natural stones.
  6. evening make-up

We already wrote about how to plan an ideal New Year's menu. Do not forget about New Year's drinks: The monkey respects not only champagne and wine, it appreciates a variety of liqueurs, tinctures, unusual cocktails with fruits.

On the eve of the holidays do not forget: love is the power that moves everyone. Love and respect yourself, your life, what you do. If you with love and gratitude will be Prepare for the holidays, Avoiding unnecessary fuss, your year will start wonderful! And will be the reward you deserve.

Meet the new year with "so simple!"