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Tips for all occasions

Our time is priceless. Why not devote it to really important things ?! Life is much broader than domestic cares and gray everyday life. So that unpleasant little things do not take up any more time, "so simple!" Has prepared for you 11 useful tips for all cases.

You do not have to worry about trifles any more. these little tricks Quietly simplify our lives. You will surely remember them on occasion!

Tips for all cases

  1. You probably did not know that the use ofThe paper towel reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin by half. So your hands will be really clean after washing. While the dryer increases the number of bacteria by 250% (which is promoted by warm air and moisture).
  2. hand dryer

  3. You've been creating the perfect summer all year Bronze tan? To keep it in the winter, eat more dairy products, and also meat. Thanks to this organism will begin to produce melanin and tan on the skin will remain longer.
  4. dairy

  5. If you need to work late, and there is no longer any strength,Take advantage of this technique. Hold your breath, and then slowly exhale. Do this several times. The heart will begin to beat more often, and you will immediately feel more cheerful.
  6. Work late

  7. Long time you can not fall asleep? Try to blink often for three minutes. Eyes will get tired, and sleep will come soon.
  8. insomnia

  9. If you do not have enough inspiration, look at something green. This color contributes to the emergence of creative ideas.
  10. Limes

  11. When your head hurts, try to take a lemon, cut it in half and rub your forehead. Most likely, the headache will pass.
  12. lemon

  13. When dealing with a man, try to repeat his gestures. He will notice this unconsciously and listen to you carefully.
  14. arm

  15. Ended Shaving blades, And there is no time to go to the store? Weave an old blade about denim.
  16. How to sharpen a blade

  17. Before lighting a candle, hold it in the fridge. So she will make you happy with her light longer.
  18. Candles

  19. If needed Finger battery, But there is only a mini-fingered house at home - it does not matter! Insert the battery into the device, and fill the gap between the contacts with a foil ball.
  20. Batteries

  21. If you do not have a bottle opener at hand, you can open the bottle with paper. Just fold the sheet into several layers.
  22. How to open a bottle

Who knows which advice is useful to you today ... maybe you know a few tricks. Share your experience in the comments!