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The best exercises for the hips

No matter how sorry, but we must admit: we began to move less ... because of the inactive way of life and sedentary work our legs are very affected, and especially this Problem area, Like the hips!

We suggest you not to be too lazy and try the most effective Exercises for tightening the muscles of the thighs. They will suit everyone: women, men, beginners, and professionals, and they can be performed both in gyms and at home. The main thing - dumbbells in your hands!

Exercises for the hips

  1. Attacks
    Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells in the loweredHands, place your feet parallel to each other slightly wider than your shoulders. Slightly dull back in the lower back, and knees just bend. Do not bend your back, take a wide step forward, while the center of gravity will be on the forward leg.

    Take a seat on this leg. The angle between the thigh and the shin should be straight. Rise from squat and step back to the starting position.

    Make 2-3 sets of 10 times on each leg. Attacks can be done both backwards and aside.


  2. Farmer's walk
    But now go ahead! Take dumbbells in outstretched hands, drop them along the body. Lift the heels, transfer the weight of the body to the pads of the fingers and go forward 10 meters. Make 4 more approaches.

    A complicated variant: from the initial position, begin to perform small uniform Steps-attacks. Make 3 campaigns on 10 steps in one direction, then turn around, in the opposite direction. At the same time keep your back flat. Feel the tension in the muscles?

    Farmer's walk

  3. Sit-ups
    What kind of training without squats? Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, dumbbells in your hands. Imagine an imaginary chair behind you and try to squat on it. While keeping your back as straight as possible. Start with 3 approaches 10 times, and then increase the number of sit-ups.
  4. Pulling dumbbells on one leg
    Stand on your right foot, gently resting on the toe andTake the left back a little. Keep your back straight, lean slightly forward and simultaneously pull your left leg up. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps per foot.
    Pulling dumbbells on one leg

No dumbbells? So take a bottle of water, but most importantly - do not be lazy! Such a training Not as difficult as it seems. Your efforts will bring you the expected fruits!

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