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Causes of numbness in the hands

Every person has often had to face the sensation Loss of sensitivity of the leg or arm, Accompanied by a slight tingling orBurning. Often this is due to a temporary disturbance of blood circulation in the limb due to compression of blood vessels and nerve endings. It is worth starting to move or change position, and sensitivity is restored.

Dumb hands

And still Awkward position during sleep, Unfortunately, is not the only cause of numbnessHands. If the loss of limb sensitivity is noticed more and more often and it does not go on for a long time, one should be alert because numbness can be one of the symptoms of a serious illness.

Causes of numbness of hands

  1. Cervical osteochondrosis. Any violations in the cervical spine that cause nerve infringement can lead to numbness of the hands, as well as cause headaches and problems with coordination.

    Start to follow your posture, and also do special gymnastics. It is better, of course, to visit a doctor, he will prescribe examinations for pathology.

    Why do my hands grow numb

  2. multiple sclerosis. You can joke about this as much as you like, butSclerosis is not just forgetfulness, but a serious neurological disease. Due to the defeat of the nerve membranes of the brain and spinal cord, there is a violation of the passage of nerve impulses. Sensitivity decreases, and numbness can be felt in the hands. If other causes of numbness of the hands are excluded, it makes sense to consult a neurologist.
  3. Tunnel syndrome (carpal tunnel syndrome) Is often observed in people whose activities are associated with monotonous work by hands (programmers, seamstresses, musicians).

    Due to repeated finger movementsThere is swelling of the tendons passing through the narrow canal. The nerve in the canal is squeezed - the person feels numbness and unpleasant tingling in the hand (especially in the mornings). Be sure to get to a neurologist, because in a neglected form this disease is fraught with complications right up to the atrophy of the finger muscles.

    Why do my hands grow numb

  4. Limb vein thrombosis Also leads to numbness. A thrombus slows the flow of blood, so the delivery of substances important for maintaining limb functions is disrupted. Thrombosis is fraught with swelling, and other serious complications (gangrene, thrombus rupture), so the disease necessarily requires diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
    Why do my hands grow numb
  5. Anemia and diabetes mellitus Often accompanied by a violation of blood circulation in the limbs and, as a consequence, numbness.
  6. neuralgia Brachial plexus, as well as prolonged inflammatory processes in surrounding tissues can cause pain syndrome followed by numbness of the hand.
  7. Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) - the most dangerous reason for numbness in the hands. If numbness of the hands is accompanied by a violation of the lower limbs, confusion, headache, speech and vision impairment - you must immediately call the ambulance!
    Why do my hands grow numb

We cited the main possible causes of numbnessHands. If you are constantly worried about discomfort in the limbs, not only after an uncomfortable position during sleep, immediately check and consult a doctor. Such symptoms are better not to be ignored, because they can go into a serious chronic disease.

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