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Floor by own hands

Repair is a great chance to test your Creative skills. Yes, the alteration of rooms usually takes away a lot of nerves and money ... but how nice it is then to look at the fruits of their labor!

Today "so simple!" Will share with you a secret, as Refresh the floor. What does it strike you when you see a paper bag? Yes, we usually put food in there. Who would have thought that from the paper bags you can create an amazing floor covering!

Floor by one's own hands

Paper floor

You will need

  • Kraft paper (or paper bags)
  • PVA glue
  • Stain
  • Varnish for the floor

All these materials can be bought at the building store.


  1. First remove the skirting boards and prepare the surface for work.
  2. Paper floor

  3. You can simply tear the paper to pieces or use old paper bags. Throw a piece of paper in your hands, creating a texture.
  4. Paper floor

  5. In the glue you can add a little water. Dab a piece of paper in the glue and attach it to the floor. Distribute the paper so that the floor surface is flat.
  6. Paper floor

  7. Continue to spread the paper in the same way. Some sheets must partially cover the others to form a continuous coating ... this process takes a long time, but the result is worth the effort.
  8. Paper floor

    Paper floor

    Paper floor

  9. Use a stain to give a color depth to the coating.
  10. Paper floor

  11. Apply the finished surface of the varnish for parquet. He will reliably protect the new floor and give it a decent appearance. Repeat this action several times.
  12. Paper floor

At first sight you can not tell from what this floor was made! Looks no worse than expensive Wood covering. Share this useful advice for repairing an apartment with friends!