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Rules of life Catherine Deneuve

Catherine dene Shares the basic rules of his life. Following them for many years, the famous actress is always on top!

Catherine dene

Catherine Dene's rules of life

  1. The inner world is your main virtue
    A true beauty, Katrina always took offense when she was complimented only on the appearance, and not for the role played. She strongly advises all fans to develop their own inner world, And the rest of the people are not judged only by their appearance.

    "It's so embarrassing - to be someone's dream."

  2. Active citizenship is normal
    Actress has never stood aside fromPublic activity and tried to use their publicity when it was necessary. She is an active participant in various protests and demonstrations that take place in France.

    "I like being a celebrity when it helps me. The rest of the time I try to be just a person from the crowd. "

  3. Do not expose your private life
    With whom only the famous novelsHearth: Roger vadim, Marcello Mastroianni, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Halliday, Luis Bunyuel and even one of the presidents of France! But the details of his personal life Katrin dene carefully conceals.

    "The best way to preserve the love of a man is not to marry him."

  4. Do not be too upset over the age
    Kinodiv proud of never falling under the scalpel Plastic surgeon. And tries to enjoy all the charms of his age: he likes to fiddle around in the garden, prepares dinners, bakes pies for his four grandchildren.

    "I do not want to regain my youth and start all over again. Actresses are no longer allowed to be individuals. "

  5. to love life
    Katrin denev is an inveterate smoker. And with pleasure always smokes a cigarette or two ... of course, this is not worth taking an example from it. But the essence of the advice is to not deny yourself the small pleasures that give pleasure.
  6. Look stylish - need
    To the famous Frenchwoman forever attached to the title Style icons. Even in everyday life she does not allow herself to look untidy.

    "Never be dependent on someone else's opinion! Enjoy your own beauty and take it as a great gift! "

  7. Keep outsiders at a distance
    The actress always willingly gives interviews, but only on general topics! As already mentioned, she tries not to share with the public the details of her personal life.

Perhaps these regulations Allow Katrin dene to remain full of charm and nobility even at a venerable age! Share them with your friends - they are really worthwhile!