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Top 10 Lifeflies of 2015

For a progressive person, there is nothing better than learning new tricks that can improve life a little or even dramatically.

Whole year "so simple!" Worked hard to prepare for hisReaders information that can be used with advantage. Now we are summarizing and prepared for you the 10 main lifhhakas of the outgoing year so that you can get acquainted with them or refresh them in your memory.

The best lifhaki in 2015

  1. When you see it, you will never cut a watermelon any different!
    A great trick with which you can cut the watermelon correctly. The best idea for a picnic or an outdoor party!
  2. ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-razrezat-arbuz/


  3. How to make a cool styling with an ordinary T-shirt: it sounds absurd, but it works!
    Women spend a lot of time creating hair in the morning, but this lifhak will save you from this need. Wonderful styling without hassle!
  4. ➜ takprosto.cc/ukladka-s-pomoshchyu-futbolki/

    Styling with t-shirts

  5. 15 tips for gardeners. Let your party envy all neighbors.
    A collection of lifhakas that will help make your garden unique. While you do not need to spend a lot of money and effort.
  6. ➜ takprosto.cc/sovety-dlya-sadovodov/

    Tips for gardeners

  7. More strange advice I have never seen ... but they work perfectly!
    Very few people know, but the toothpaste can be used in many ways and at the same time always get an excellent result. The advice is rather unusual, but works flawlessly.
  8. ➜ takprosto.cc/kak-ispolzovat-zubnuyu-pastu-v-bytu/

    Cleaning of gold toothpaste

  9. 29 professional beauty secrets that every woman should know. there are no boundaries for perfection!
    These little secrets of beauty will make every woman's life much easier. Useful knowledge is never a lot, improve your appearance with pleasure!
  10. ➜ takprosto.cc/sekrety-krasoty/

    Arrows on the eyes

  11. You'll be overjoyed when you see what she's made of old jeans! This is the thing ...
    Learn how to make old jeans a versatile and comfortable apron. Give pants a second life!
  12. ➜ takprosto.cc/perednik-iz-dzhinsov/

    Apron of jeans
  13. Now you do not have to throw out the blackened bananas. To hell of a brilliant life!
    Do not throw blackened bananas. They can be "resuscitated" in two accounts with the help of improvised means. A truly ingenious advice!
  14. ➜ takprosto.cc/chto-delat-s-pochernevshim-bananom/

    What to do with a blackened banana

  15. He just stuffed a roll of toilet paper in a metal jar ... and created something brilliant!
    For the economical heating of the room you only need 3 things. Create a self-made heater that will give warmth for a long time and save you from the cold.
  16. ➜ takprosto.cc/obogrevatel-iz-tualetnoy-bumagi/

    Toilet paper heater

  17. Cunning, which is already used by thousands of girls around the world: glue for manicure.
    This year the new beauty trend was the usual glue of the pva. Take on board two tips on how to apply this inexpensive tool to the benefit.
  18. ➜ takprosto.cc/kley-pva-dlya-manikyura/

    Pvt for manicure

  19. You will never guess what it is. But in fact very soon such a thing will be needed in every home!
    Make an air humidifier with your own hands. Firstly, it does not require material costs, and secondly, it is easily manufactured!
  20. ➜ takprosto.cc/uvlazhnitel-vozduha-svoimi-rukami/

    Air humidifier

Share with your friends these useful tricks that make our everyday life a bit easier. Such lifhhaki will be useful to anyone!