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The rules of Andrei Kurpatov

Andrew Kurpatov You can safely be called a people's psychotherapist. This doctor has helped many people, becoming a famous TV presenter: a psychology with its complex laws has never before been so accessible!

We offer you the best advice from a person who knows how to solve the basic psychological problems. Your happiness depends only on you, without any doubt! Read these recommendations thoughtfully: they will help change attitude towards many important things ...

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Rules of Andrei Kurpatov

  1. On liability
    Never shift to someone else's shouldersResponsibility for what happens in your life. I understand that the temptation is great, but pity yourself. Only at the moment when you internally take this decision: "I am the author of my failures and the creator of my successes" - you will gain strength.
  2. About illusions
    Get rid of the illusion that you can change other people. Subconsciously we all suffer with this naive error, and as a result we suffer in the literal sense of the word.

    People are changed only by circumstances, Everything else is just a deception of perception. Let others be different, and at some point you will even begin to enjoy it.

  3. about love
    People now think that they can indefinitely choose their partner in life, the ideal and unique. The illusion of limitless choice is a terrible delusion.

    If not in everyone, then in every second person one can find "that same one". It is naive to wait for a "happy meeting" before the onset of complete loneliness.

  4. About weakness
    This is sad news, but there's nothing to be done about it: We need other strong. Weak, tired, suffering, unhappy - we do not need anyone.

    If others pretend that things areSomehow, they just mislead you. Do not succumb! Agree with the absoluteness of this rule, exhale, shake, and you will understand that it's not because of what to upset.

  5. On labor
    Every normal person wants a comfortable pension, and the earlier, the better, and preferably - right now, right away. It's a chimera.

    And not because a comfortable pension can not be, but because A person needs to work. Realize this, and then your daily work will begin to bring joy.

  6. about children
    We give birth to children to understand what true love is, to experience true love to become a true love.
  7. About problems
    Learn to minimize, but not exaggerate, yourProblems. For our psyche, which itself does not know anything about this matter, it is better to hear that the problem is trivial, rather than gigantic. And instead of thinking: "my life does not make sense" - think that your problems are deprived of it.

    If we can so easily devalue our own lives, then why do not we redirect our exposing sting and not discount the life-debilitating problems?

  8. About kindness
    Never waste your time and energy on those to whom you are indifferent, or even worse - to those who do not love you. In this world a huge number of people with whom to live life - in joy.

    Just do not have to be closed and suspicious. Believe, being open and kind, you do not lose anything.

I really liked the statements of thisThe most intelligent person! In reality, people do not make certain things unfortunate, but representations about them, and everyone has the right to change it at any moment, believe me!

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