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Massage of biologically active points is called acupressure. This medical technique, originated in ancient times, is still popular.

The fastest way to help yourself to get rid of pain, to activate the work of internal organs and purification systems of the body - acupressure. We suggest using the knowledge of ancient masters of medicine for a surge of strength and a sense of cheerfulness.


Tai-ti point, Located in the depression just below the stone withThe inner side of the ankle, is an active zone for replenishing energy. Massage this point is to evenly press on it until painful sensations appear. Continue to work on the point until the pain passes.

Tai-ti point

Regular tai-si point massage relievesDizziness, headache, low back pain, helps with insomnia and fatigue. Affect this area to enhance the effect of massaging other points, in addition, massage this point improves blood circulation in all internal organs.

This active point enters the point chain, called acupressure The renal meridian (r), Which originates in the center of the sole, passes to the inner side of the ankle, makes a loop and passes over the inside of the thigh upward.

Points are located symmetrically on both sidesBody. While one side may be more active than the other. Try to work on these points in different ways: by rubbing and pressing. The more effective the one at which the sensitivity will be greater.

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