/ How to Make Up Your Lips

How to make up your lips properly

In make-up is important not only the brand of cosmetics and its color, but also the method of application. But all because the correct use of MakeCap ​​can make you a real queen. The main thing is not to overdo it.

We decided to share with you a wonderful trick for Create a clear line of lips!!

How to properly make up your lips

  1. Apply a thin lip contour that matches the color with the lipstick. Draw a cross on the upper lip in the form of the letter x.
    How to make up lips
  2. Conduct the lines along the upper contour of the lips, leading a pencil from the upper point of the lip to the corners.
    How to make up lips
  3. Apply lipstick brush on the lips.
    How to make up lips
  4. To make the contour more clear, use a concealer on the skin around the lips.
    How to make up lips

A remarkable result in just a minute. Try it and you create seductive Lips with a clear outline!!

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