/ / Means for melting ice

Means for melting ice

Ice - one of the most pressing problems of the winter season, which entails an increased risk of injury.

If you live in a private house and you often have to clear the paths from snow and ice, "so simple!" Prepared for you a useful lifhak: how to melt the ice, which can not be removed with a shovel, in a matter of seconds!

Ice-melting agent

You will need

  • 2 liters of warm water
  • 6 drops of liquid detergent
  • 60 ml of alcohol

Application of

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a plastic bottle or other suitable container.
  2. Ice-melting agent

  3. Simply margins means frosted surfaces. The ice will melt instantly!
  4. Ice-melting agent

This tool will help you and with the frozen windows of the car, so quickly save this trick in your bookmarks! And share it with your friends!