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Coca-Cola for Hair

Our people are very inventive and will find an application to everything. For example, everything known "Coca-Cola" We have learned to use both to clean the toilet bowl and to get rid of rust.

Today "so simple!" Will show you another unexpected wayUse this sweet drink. Have you ever thought that "Coca-Cola" can be an excellent cosmetic product? If not, be sure to read this article!

"Coca-Cola" for the hair

This girl decided to check what will happen to her Hair, If you process them with two liters of "Coca-Cola."

Coca Cola

she is Poured out a drink On her hair, and then washed it off with water.

Coca Cola

After the girl dried her hair, they became much Waviness and bulk!! The result is visible to the naked eye ...

Coca Cola

Make sure by watching this video!

I would never have thought that the usual "Coca-Cola" could create such a volume! I will definitely recommend this trick to my friends. Do it and you!