/ How to choose a safe dish

How to choose a safe dish

We prepare food at home and are confident of its usefulness. But few people think that Quality of food Depends also on what to prepare them for.

so "so simple!" Tell you how to choose a safe Kitchen utensils And what is worth paying attention to.

How to choose a safe dish

  1. Pans with non-stick coating or chemical attack?
    Perhaps, the most controversial option. Although many consider this utensil safe, there are several caveats. Empty teflon dishes can not be heated up strongly (harmful vapors are emitted).

    A person has symptoms resembling flu, and pets, such as birds, can die. If at the bottom of such a frying pan there were scratches, it should be immediately discarded.

    life time Teflon griddle - 3 years. So this is not the best option.

    Teflon coating

  2. Comfortable plastic
    Plastic containers for food are so universal that we do not even think about their harm. Do not use them to warm up food in the microwave.

    The chemicals that make up these products fall into food. Do not forget that plastic also harms the environment.

    In addition, plastic is prone to aging, resulting in it is released from the products of destruction.

    Plastic tableware

  3. Good old friends
    Cast-iron dishes - a classic safe option, tested for years. When cooking in such dishes, food is enriched with iron ions and becomes even more useful.

    at Enameled ware You can cook any dishes without harm to health. Until such cracks appear cracks ... small pieces of enamel and heavy metals in food - these are the consequences of using old enameled utensils.

    Cast-iron dishes

  4. Fragile alternative
    Glassware is used for baking and storing food in the refrigerator. In it you can also reheat food in the microwave.

    The glass is comfortable and does not contain toxic substances. Scratches on the surface of glassware are not terrible.


  5. Stainless steel
    Stainless steel pans are comfortable and durable. Quality dishes perfectly keeps heat and does not harm health. In it you can cook almost anything!
    stainless steel

Hope these tips will help you choose the best option for your kitchen. It is equally important to clean the dishes with natural means. Do not forget to share important information with your friends!