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How to strengthen the fortitude of spirits

It is not so difficult to pick up spirits, as Prolong the persistence of their odor. Familiar, is not it? Therefore, if you want to smell as long as possible, get acquainted with the following simple tricks.

You will see that Secrets of a long fragrance Truly simple!

How to prolong the smell of your favorite perfume


  1. First of all, do not put the perfume "anywhere horrible", but on the points with the most intense pulsations: for example, on the inside of the wrists, elbows, behind the earlobes, on the knee folds.
  2. Do not mix a few scents, because it only reduces the persistence of spirits. Advise in one day to use one perfume line, which includes a shower gel, and a cream, and a deodorant, and the perfume itself.
  3. Hair keeps the aroma not worse than the skin. Sprayed on them a small amount of perfume, but preferably from a distance of 20-30 cm another option - to apply literally a drop of perfume on the comb. In these cases, use the hairspray is no longer worth it!
  4. Apply perfume for 30-40 minutes before the release, when you just start to assemble.
  5. Perfumes should not be splashed on clothes - it "remembers" the strongest flavors. Then change the smell will be difficult!
  6. Little secret: put on the necessary points petrolatum And only on top - droplets of a favorite aroma. Then perfume drops will cling to the fatty base, and not drown in the pores of the skin. And if you yourself know how to make natural perfumes at home, add a few drops Glycerin. He also strengthens their stamina.
  7. Trying to increase the "vitality" of the fragrance, do not reachBefore fanaticism. You may think that the smell is too weak, but believe me, those around him feel great. In this smelly business it is not necessary to be too zealous!

Listening to the recommendations of professional perfumers, you can not only Strengthen the persistence of perfume fragrance, But also feel much more confident. Cautiously: there is the opportunity to drive someone crazy!

Perfumery is a delicate matter ... familiarize your friends with such tricks!