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How to clean the toilet bowl

Cleaning products purchased in the storeContain a huge amount of chemicals that harm human health. Therefore, the best, and even more economical way to clean the toilet bowl is to use Natural and safe ingredients.

Among them - such a powerful duet, like vinegar and soda, that will help Clean up And at the same time do not hurt your health. Sure, these tricks are useful to know, even if everything is in order!

Cleaning of the toilet bowl by natural means

Toilet bowl cleaning

For cleaning the toilet bowl Pour a glass of vinegar into it and add a handful of soda. A foam is formed, which must be left for 10-15 minutes. After all clean with a brush. And how, is the result?

as Blockage prevention: Put a glass of soda into the toilet and pour a glass of vinegar. To enhance the effect, add half a glass of salt. After 20 minutes wash all the foam with a liter of boiling water.

Vinegar and soda - excellent Cleansers Even on their own! Vinegar thoroughly disinfects and eliminates an unpleasant smell, and soda bleaches the toilet to a shine. Now imagine what will happen when these two components unite their forces!

as they say: "The visiting card of housing is not a new repair, not delicious treats, but Clean toilet"... agree that it makes no sense to use expensive and harmful household chemicals, if there are simple means available to everyone!

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