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Dry shampoo

how fast Freshen up your hair, Give them more volume and remove excess fat from the roots? It happens that there is absolutely no time to wash your head. And sometimes even washed in the morning, the hair looks quite tired by the evening ...

dry shampoo

There is a wonderful remedy - a natural dry shampoo, which can be done very quickly. I liked the effect of its use, now in my purse there is always a small bottle with a miracle powder!

dry shampoo

You will need

  • Cornstarch (for light hair)
  • Cocoa (for dark hair)
  • A couple drops of essential oil
  • Plastic funnel
  • A glass jar of spices or any bottle with a dispenser


You just need to mix all the ingredients and gently pour them into the vial using a funnel!

Especially I liked the idea of ​​cocoa for brunettes. If you have blonde hair, shampoo should be made from starch, but brunettes and brown-haired women will be suitable Cocoa powder. I even added a little cinnamon to it ... my hair became lush, fresh, and it smells so nice!

Look at the process of making this natural remedy, you probably will want to repeat it.

If you appreciated this idea, share it with your friends. Let not one little thing spoil your wonderful mood!