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Tips for buying shoes

Often when buying New shoes We forget about comfort and that in this pair will have to leave at least one season. And therefore the shoes should be as comfortable as possible for the feet.

So that you can choose not only a beautiful, but also a very comfortable pair of shoes, "so simple!" Has prepared 5 golden tips that will help you in this.

Advice on buying shoes


  1. It is better to buy shoes in the evening
    This advice sounds a little strange, and whoWill want to be tired of shopping? But it is right to buy shoes in the evenings. Because by the end of the day the legs are swelling a little and, therefore, increase in size, which means that the pair of shoes that came to you in the morning will be too narrow and will rub your foot in the evening.
  2. Non-standard standards
    Different footwear manufacturers may have differentStandards by size. This means that you should not immediately buy a favorite pair, but it's worth to try on shoes. Only fitting can be proof that the shoe is right for you.
  3. From two stops choose a large
    Shoes should be chosen according to the size of the larger foot. It sounds ridiculous, but for a very large number of people, one stop is slightly larger than the second. So you should try on several sizes of shoes and buy one in which both legs will feel comfortable.
  4. Choose your shoes for the occasion
    Choosing shoes, you need to clearly present, forWhat goals do you buy it. For example, it will be difficult for you to go all day on high and not very stable hairpins, so if you buy a pair of shoes with the goal of walking in them all day, choose a wedge. In such a pair of shoes you will be much more comfortable.
  5. Legs increase
    Remember that your legs can become slightly longer and wider, so every 2 years measure their size. Especially if you buy shoes online, and do not look for it in stores.

Use these practical advice on the selection of shoes to feel comfortable. And also do not forget to tell about these tips to your friends!