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Properties of geranium

Pelargonium home (Geranium) - a plant that was previously considered a flower of aristocrats. Her delightful lush flowers and bright color will be the decoration of any home.

But geranium is not just a beautiful flower. Its medicinal properties are difficult to overestimate. "so simple!" Tell you how to use this unpretentious plant. Note that all types of geraniums without exception have Healing properties.


Treatment of geraniums

  1. for Cough treatment Per liter of water, take 25 g of pelargonium leaves andBoil them for 10 minutes. Rinse with this liquid throat, and the symptoms of cold as hand will lift. The juice from the leaves of geranium can be buried in the nose to get rid of the common cold.
  2. Attach a piece of geranium to your wrist, if you want to normalize blood pressure.
  3. When otitis slightly mash the leaves of geranium to make juice. Fold the leaf into a tube and place it in your ear for the night.
  4. To remove a toothache, put a leaf of the plant to the tooth.
  5. Geranium secretes bactericidal substances that destroy staphylococcus, which provokes inflammatory diseases.
  6. Essential oil of geranium has a beneficial effect on the skin, heals rashes and eczema.
  7. Geranium juice can be Cataract treatment In the early stages. Bury the plant juice in the eyes, and the vision will improve.
  8. A compress from the leaves of geranium will relieve pain in osteochondrosis and radiculitis.
  9. Geranium is also used in cosmetology. Wash your head with a decoction of leaves of geranium. This will save you from the problem of hair loss.


People say that this indoor plant is able to respond to the illness of its owner. When a person is seriously ill, all kinds of geranium perish in the house, except for red ...

Let this stunningly beautiful flower protect you, and do not forget to share your health recipes with friends!