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Harm from using a smartphone

The popularity of devices that are launched with a single finger touch, has reached unprecedented heights. No doubt, these gadgets are easy to use and interesting, but only scientists have long proven that Smartphones Cause psychological dependence and damage to health.

A person who finds himself without a digital friend in his hand begins to feel discomfort, Isolation from the world and an urgent need to immediately reunite with him. Be alert, do not become a victim of habit!

Harm from using a smartphone

  1. Injuries and accidents
    About 43% of pedestrians who actively use smartphones fall into some unpleasant Situation on the road: Collide with poles or fences, cut into walls.

    With drivers the situation is not better: Every year, 1.5 million people turn out to be clients of emergency centers because of using the phone while driving. Be attentive on the road, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian!

  2. Harm smartphones

  3. Problems with joints
    A man sitting by the clock in the phone hands and neck take an unnatural position. In the near future it threatens with back pain, Carpal tendon syndrome And muscle spasms.
  4. Harm smartphones

  5. Eye problems
    Take off for a while from the screen - take care of your vision! Dryness, burning sensation, shroud before eyes - anxious Dry eye symptoms.
  6. Harm smartphones

  7. Distraction
    Sorry to admit, but fans of smartphones are able to concentrate attention and process the information heard from the person they are talking to is 37% less.
  8. Harm smartphones

  9. Problems with sleep
    Pull yourself together and quit this stupid habit - to view social networking news before bed! Screen light blocks production Melatonin (A hormone of sleep and a long life), which leads a direct road to insomnia.
  10. Harm smartphones

  11. Distance from loved ones
    We forgot about normal human communication! Look around: what does modern man do when he comes with friends in a cafe? Checks the availability of access to the network and goes into a parallel reality ... sometimes for the treatment of telephone dependence requires the help of doctors.
  12. Harm smartphones

  13. Identity theft
    Our photos, videos, passwords, accounts - all personal information - easy prey for Phone scammers. Do not forget to leave the applications ...
  14. Harm smartphones

  15. Problems with the spine
    Regular "hovering" over the phone screen is fraught with a damaged posture. The classic hunched posture, in which you look through the mail and messages, can firmly gain a foothold on the spine.
  16. Harm smartphones

It is important that you protect the child fromAttachments to gadgets. Because children are inclined to compensate for their parent's inattention by immersion in the virtual world. In a hectic day, spend a lot of time chatting together: study drawing, walk, play a board game, read an entertaining book ...