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Coin on car door

Recently gaining popularity A new piece of car robbers. I am amazed at the ingenuity and audacity of modern thieves! Surely you have not heard much about this hacking method ...

Coin on the door

Coin on car door

Before you get behind the wheel, inspect everything 4 doors Its auto for the thing inserted in the gap between the handle and the lock of the coin.

If you forget to do this and calmly go about your business, and coin There was, at first, of course, nothingThe most interesting will begin at night. With a calm heart, you go to bed, providently included in the car alarm, and the thief at this time will safely open the door of the car!

Car fraud

The whole point is that the coin will not allow you to close The castle Nor on one door and your car will be an easy prey for robbers.

Be alert and do not fall for the thief on the hook, because the types of fraud now divorced so much! Share this article with your friends to fight crime together.