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How to apply makeup

Correct makeup - pledge of self-confidence of any woman. Make the skin perfect and smile, looking at your reflection, quite simply. Enough to follow the advice of a professional!


I can not believe that the whole success of the event depends on the tools for applying makecap! Now it is clear why special makeup brushes - Such welcome guests in the cosmetic bag.

How to apply makeup

Uniform application of the makeup base and Of a voice-frequency cream It is impossible without a dense brush-brush. In this video you will see how much the external appearance of the orange peel on which the cream is applied in different ways differs greatly. After watching this movie, you will learn how to make perfect make-up!

The removal of excess tonal base with a napkin and fixation T-zone Powder using a fluffy brush. A thin brush is used to smooth out small facial creases, such as the smile line.

Remember this valuable information and certainly share the secrets of makeup with your friends!