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Peppermint against sugar dependence

It is not a secret for anyone that sugar causes addiction. After eating a little sweet, you will definitely want more supplements ...

We will not hide the truth - for many authors fromOur editories cookies and candies also became a kind of dope and drug, but it's time to finish it! Fortunately, there is a pleasant solution to the problem, discovered by the famous American neurologist and psychiatrist Alan Hirsch.

So here, To get rid of sugaromania Essential oil of peppermint will help us.

Peppermint against sugar dependence

Peppermint essential oil

It has long been proven that Cravings for sweets Can be reduced with peppermint. It turns out that the aroma of the plant not only refreshes and invigorates, but also causes a feeling of satiety.

How to use mint in the fight againstSugar addiction? Scientists advise doing inhalation with essential oil peppermint (up to ten drops per tray). It is also recommended to simply wear a bottle of mint oil and periodically inhale the fragrance, especially when "Sugar breakage".

And if you mix 2 drops of coconut oil with 2Drops of mint oil and every day in the morning you will apply this fragrant mixture on the inner part of your wrist, you will soon notice that you can easily live without sweet!

It is sweet temptation, but it is advisable to forget about sugar forever or at least use it in the minimum amount. Believe me, your body will thank you!

I agree? Then tell your friends about such a fragrant method that helps Stop craving for sweets.