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How to cook without oil

The expression "cook without oil" in many causes associations with the method of frying. But in addition to frying, there are many ways of thermal Processing of products - they can be boiled, stewed, soared, baked. And all this can be done without the help of butter or sunflower oil.

Although it is also easy to fry products without oil. Benefit now, many manufacturers of kitchen tools offer a huge number of dishes for cooking, produced using the latest technology. Fry meat without oil can, for example, in a frying pan with Teflon-coated.


There is a grill pan with a ribbed non-stickSurface for cooking delicious vegetables. While vegetables remain very juicy and do not lose their useful properties and elements. And many other things that help to prepare healthy and healthy food.

How to cook without oil

Now about the perfect alternative. Undoubtedly, Fats in the body Play a very important role. They help to assimilate vitamins, promote the production of hormones and not only. But these fats can get into the human body during the reception of products such as fish, nuts, animal meat and poultry.


So be afraid Fat deficiency Not worth it. All products can be stewed, cooked and soared. Dishes made in ceramic pots in the oven are very useful. You can bake anything.

There are many recipes for preparing first courses inPots, especially delicious and richly obtained ear. Deliciously turns fish, baked in foil. It acquires a unique taste and does not lose its natural fats. You can fantasize for every taste, and all this will be tasty and useful.

Food in a pot

No matter how you cook, whatever foods you use, try to turn an ordinary day into a holiday. appetite comes with eating. Share useful information with your friends!