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Skin Care in Winter

In winter, not only the mood worsens, but also the condition of the body, which experiences stress, receiving less sunlight and vitamins.

Temperature changes and frosty wind adversely affect the female skin, causing dryness, pain, peeling, and sometimes even a rash. But if daily do some simple manipulations on Facial care And neck, then you can overwinter without loss!

Face in winter

Skin care in winter

  1. Fashion is, of course, important, but only if it does not harm health. Red Weather-beaten face And cracked lips - not the most attractive sight.

    So dress is worth the weather, maximally protecting all exposed parts of the body from wind and frost. Beautiful hats, hoods, warm scarves should be an indispensable accessory for you this winter.

  2. So that Look young And beautiful outside, help your body from the inside. If you give him the necessary dose of vitamins and fiber, eat as much healthy food as possible, he will thank you.

    In the winter diet should be fish, seafood, nuts, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs and a lot of liquid.

  3. Wash your face properly. In winter it is useful to cleanse your face no more often than once a day with warm water. As an alternative, use milk with olive oil or gels, foams, infusions of herbs, but without soap. It is useful once a day to scrub the skin to remove the obsolete cells.
  4. Moisturize the skin of the face and hands. This will help you ordinary cream, which is good to apply at bedtime or in the morning. If you do not trust chemistry, then do the masks yourself.

    Honey and olive oil, pulp and fruit juice andBerries, put before going to bed for a quarter of an hour, will create wonders with your skin. Weathering areas can be treated with vaseline or zinc ointment, as well as infusion of chamomile or lime tea.

    Decorative cosmetics creates an impenetrable film, which, on the one hand, Clogs the pores, But, on the other hand, protects from wind. Greasy lipstick with vitamin e will fill the microcracks, and the lips will be less prone to frost.

And most importantly, remember that the state of the body largely depends on the psychological mood. Rejoice in life, love yourself, and then you will look healthy and attractive!