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Lifshaki with lipstick

A couple of stick sticks of lipstick can be found in the cosmetic bag of any woman. but How to properly paint your lips, Knows not every ... "so simple!" Will show a few lip make-up tricks with which you will always look magical!

Lifhaki with lipstick

  1. Always pay attention to the condition Skin of lips, Especially if it is dry. Use a scrub or a soft brush from an old carcass, carefully washing it to get rid of dead cells. Light circular movements massage your lips, then lipstick will lie smoothly and smoothly.
  2. Before lip make-up

  3. The lipstick printed on the teeth is an extremely unpleasant sight. To avoid embarrassment, grasp your index finger, and then slowly take it out of your mouth. Surplus cosmetics Remain on the finger.
  4. Remove excess lipstick

  5. Lipstick as a blush? why not! Apply it with a light dashed motion to the cheekbones and do not forget to carefully shade your fingers.
  6. Lipstick-blush

  7. Shattered shadows or a blush of beige, pink, golden shades still serve a good service. Mix them with petroleum jelly or lip balm and use as lipstick.
  8. Broken shadows

  9. Turn ordinary lipstick into a sturdy! Make up your lips, and then powder them through a dry paper napkin. In a few hours Persistent make-up of lips Still will make you happy!
  10. To powder through a napkin

  11. If you are the owner of bright lips, use a concealer before applying lipstick. So you will achieve color identical to the color of lipstick.
  12. Lip makeup

  13. Also by means of concealer, correct Lip shape: Fill it with a natural outline, and then with a colored pencil draw the desired outlines. The main thing - do not overdo it with volumes!
    Lip makeup

  14. Choose a shade of lipstick, starting from the shadeSkin, and not blindly following fashion. Do not forget also that mother of pearl always emphasizes wrinkles and uneven skin, matte lipstick conceals volume, and glossy shine is not very appropriate at a business meeting.
  15. Choose a shade of lipstick

  16. You can always Change the shape of the lips With the help of a pencil and a stunt with a concealer,Described in paragraph number 7. To look natural, remember: increase or decrease the volume of the lips can not be more than 1 mm. Draw a clear contour of the lips will be after several training.
  17. Lip form correction

  18. Make the lips more expressive will help the corrector to mask the deficiencies of the skin.
  19. Lip makeup

  20. Reanimate the broken lipstick! Lightly heat up the remainder of the lipstick in the tube and press it firmly against the broken part. Place in a refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  21. To repair a broken lipstick

  22. In hot weather, they relocated the lipstick in the refrigerator: so it does not exactly melt.
  23. Storage of lipstick

  24. A bright highlight will make the lips more seductive.
  25. Lip makeup

  26. Remove clothing from clothing From the lipstick will help the hairspray. Spray the stain with varnish, leave for a few minutes and wash the thing in the usual way.
  27. Keep lipstick

  28. If you want to create a gentle and easy make-up, it is better to slightly blend the lines of the contour of the lips.
  29. Lip makeup

Experiment with shades and textures of lipstick,Change images, fantasize! But always choose the quality product of proven brands. Be stylish and healthy, and even share these tips with your friends - let them appreciate it!