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What the shape of the fingers says

Chiromancy is a science that talks aboutPersonality traits and the fate of a person on the lines in the palm of your hand. It is very popular nowadays, but very few people know that it has a "relative" - ​​a chiropractic that determines the character of a person in the form of hands, their size, Shape and structure of fingers. It is associated with the influence of heredity on the character of man.

We have prepared a simple test that will help you learn a little more about yourself, your loved ones and even strangers. Look at the photo and choose your finger!

What the shape of the fingers says


Finger a
If you have the same shape of fingers as onFigure a, then, most likely, you are a secretive person. You do not like to talk about your plans and dreams at every turn. This information you trust only the closest.

You have a big heart, you are ready to sacrifice yourself if you need it.

As a rule, people with this kind of fingers are honest and kind. And they also have a great sense of humor!

Finger in
The shape of your fingers is most likeOption in the figure? Most likely, moments you are not sure of yourself. But if you really like something, then nothing can stop you.

It is not easy for you to communicate with strangers, but you are ready to devote all your free time to close people. But they appreciate and respect you very much!

You are a strong person who will come out of any situation with honor. And you can only envy your perseverance!

Finger with
If the shape of your fingers is the same as the figure c,Then you are a real angel of the world, helping people to find mutual understanding. Also you are characterized by emotionality and easy attitude to the environment, which in our time many are not enough.

You are a person with a subtle spiritual organization. The happiness of all people around you is important for you.

Yet you have a good artistic taste and high mental abilities.

Diseases in the form of fingers

On the shape of the fingers and the condition of their joints, you can also identify certain diseases.

Painful Joints of fingers, Which have an irregular shape, is a sign of arthrosis. Most often such changes appear in patients with gout.

If the joints swell and swell, there is redness - a manifestation of polyarthritis. In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately.

But the painful sensations between the second and third phalanges of the nameless and index finger warn of the imminent manifestation of the disease in the knee joints.

Too flexible or very badly bending joints with reduced tonus of the muscles of the fingers mean problems in the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.

Share with friends information on how to Shape of fingers With the nature and state of health. And also tell in the comments about the result of the test!