/ How to remove a scar

How to remove a scar

Keloid scars Are formed on the skin after injuries, wounds, surgeries, burns and injections. They remain for life and cause emotional and sometimes physical discomfort in people.

In comparison with conventional scars, keloid are a convex outgrowth that has a reddish or cyanotic color. Such scars can grow for several years and be painful ...

The exact causes of keloids have not yet been elucidated. "so simple!" Will tell you how to get rid of keloids at early stages with the help of folk methods.


How to remove a scar

  1. lemon juice
    Rich in vitamin with lemon juice should be applied to the scar. This will help to stop the formation of build-up, soften and lighten the skin. Apply lemon juice every day until the result appears.
  2. Lemon pictures

  3. aloe vera
    This is an excellent remedy for skin regeneration. In the juice of aloe vera contains a large number of vitamins c and e, which are antioxidants, rejuvenate and heal the skin.
  4. Aloe vera

  5. aspirin
    Crush 2 tablets of aspirin in powder, add a drop of water to form a thick paste. Put it on the scar. When the paste dries, wash it off with water. Repeat this procedure daily.
  6. honey
    Honey will saturate the skin with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It will moisten the scars, prevent skin from choking and darkening. Honey also contributes to the formation of new skin cells.
  7. Apple vinegar
    Also reduces and brightens the scars. Apply vinegar several times a day to the problem site.
  8. Apple vinegar

  9. Garlic oil
    It can be applied to conventional scars to prevent the formation of keloids. If you do not find the oil, use the garlic gruel.

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