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Exercise at home

We know that to maintain a good figure you need to move more and play sports. But how hard it is to allocate time for purposeful work on your own body! Home workouts - the best way out for very busy people who want to be in shape.

pay attention: On how you eat before and after training, the effectiveness of physical activity depends! Be sure to eat 1 hour before classes start, it should be light, but rich in carbohydrates snack.

1 banana or 1 cup of yogurt, 1 slice of bread with peanut butter or an apple and a pair of walnuts - these products will be the key to a vigorous and productive workout.

Figure before and after

Training at home

For half an hour before the beginning of classes, drink 1 glass of water. Body moisturizing from the inside should be started before training, so that the body does not feel the stress of dehydration. During training, drink water as needed, do not forget about this important moment!

Before the start of active pursuits, stretch,It is necessary to stretch the muscles after active physical activity. Stretching 2 times increases the effect of training, strengthens muscles, promotes the process of losing weight - do not despise it!

This video shows a set of exercises for a chic home workout. After 2 weeks of such classes you will notice the changes in your figure!

After the training you need to eat, and here it is importantFocus on the state of the body. If you do not feel hunger, do not push food into yourself! The optimal time for eating after exercise - an hour after graduation, food should be 60% composed of complex carbohydrates and 40% of proteins.

The secret of losing weight is very simple: everything is decided by an intelligent approach! I hope you enjoyed this energetic home training. Show this video to your friends!