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Soap against fogging of glasses

Misted-out mirror Often upsets me. When the bathroom is warm and moist, you do not consider yourself, and after rubbing the glass becomes cloudy for a long time ...

If you know this unpleasant feeling, take advantage of a proven method! He acts instantly and leaves the mirror in the bathroom clean for a long time, protecting him from sweating.

Soap against fogging of glasses

  1. A clean mirror is not only beautiful, but also convenient. So that the glass remains the same uncomplicated even after an hour spent in a warm shower, you can take advantage of this ingenious idea ...
    Bathroom mirror
  2. All you need is a piece of the usual Solid soap. On a dry mirror all over the surface of drawing soap small squares or strips.
    Soap and mirror
  3. First the mirror will be cloudy ...
    Mirror photo
  4. You need to rub soap squares with a soft cloth. Wipe thoroughly dry soap until it completely disappears from the surface.
    Mirror rag photo
  5. The result is a radiant glass without divorce. Thanks to this trick, the mirror in the bathroom will not fog under any circumstances!
    Bathroom mirror photo
  6. Soap will help prevent fogging glasses in the winter! With Glasses glasses Do this: apply a little soap and rub with a cloth. Flawlessly!
    Glasses rag
  7. Even a mask for scuba diving can be protected from fogging with soap!
    Mask for diving

The best and very simple Anti-fogging agent There are always different kinds in the house! Now the mirror in the bathroom will only show a clear reflection, do not forget to smile more often, looking at it. If you need this technique, show it to your friends!