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How to remove wool

Pets Bring happiness to our home. But keeping a cat or dog in the apartment is also a big responsibility! Pets bring additional trouble. Especially when it comes to cleaning.

Today "so simple!" Will tell you how to quickly and effectively get rid of the wool on carpets and upholstered furniture. Because this is the problem that most often worries owners of cats and dogs. The following tips will also help Clean the carpet From the hair. The cleaning process will be much more pleasant!

How to clean a carpet from a wool

  1. If you have a car windshield wiper, safely use it to clean hair and wool. Hold them on the carpet, and you will be surprised how much everything will be assembled on an elastic band.
  2. Perhaps the most famous way is a rubber glove. Water it, then in a circular motion, lead the carpet or other surface.
    Animal fur
  3. Old nylon pantyhose - another great tool. Put them on your arm and clean the carpet. Electrified hair and wool instantly gather on pantyhose.
    Nylon pantyhose
  4. Small areas of the wool are cleaned with adhesive tape or adhesive tape. You can also wrap it with a roller for painting and lead over the surface.
  5. if Animal fur Deeply stuck in the carpet, take a piece of wood and wrap it with sandpaper. Rub this carpet on it.

Take advantage of our advice, and cleaning for pets will turn into pleasant troubles. Do not forget to share useful information with your friends!