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How to use a moisture absorbing cloth

such Absorbent wipes Now they sell almost everyStore. They can be either individually packaged or rolled up in a perforated roll. Housewives use napkins for cleaning, but sometimes they do not even guess that their area of ​​application is much broader.

Absorbent wipes

In "so simple!" There are a few Lifhhakov with moisture absorbing napkins, Which will save on the purchase of household chemicals. Some of you will definitely be surprised!

How to use a moisture absorbing cloth

  1. There is nothing worse sucked to a frying pan or a form for baking the remains of fatty foods! Place a napkin soaked in detergent in a container and fill with water. Leave the dishes for the night. After this trick Wash the frying pan from fat It will not be difficult.
  2. Absorbent wipes

  3. Moisture absorbing napkins effectively solve the problem Unpleasant odor and moisture in shoes. Use them as additional insoles. For the flavoring of a drop on a napkin a drop of essential oil: eucalyptus, cedar, pine, lemon ...
  4. Absorbent wipes

  5. Chromed mixers sparkle, if after normal cleaning, wipe them dry with a napkin.
  6. Absorbent wipes

  7. You probably can not guess, but moisture-absorbing napkins do an excellent job with white Stains from deodorant On clothes! Just rub a well-contaminated place with a napkin.
  8. Absorbent wipes

  9. Wash the blinds - the real flour! Moisture absorbing napkins are thin enough and easily penetrate between lamellas.
  10. Absorbent wipes

  11. This lifhak specially for those who got tired of static electricity On the hair. In a cold time such a problem overtakes every second owner of long hair. Do it as shown in the picture, and comb: hair will not be electrified.
  12. Absorbent wipes

  13. Whether it is possible with a moisture absorbing cloth Clean the soleplate of the iron? Yes! Iron the cotton cloth through a napkin at a low temperature - the deposit will disappear.
  14. Absorbent wipes

  15. Sprinkle a napkin with your favorite perfume and put on a shelf with clothes. Linen will smell for a long time!
  16. Absorbent wipes

  17. Do the same trick and with a sports bag!
  18. Absorbent wipes

  19. Down with fingerprints from furniture and technology: our magic napkin will cope with them! clean work…
  20. Absorbent wipes

  21. Books accumulate and retain unpleasant odors. During the spring cleaning, pay attention to the bookshelves: ventilate the books and refresh them with water-absorbing napkins placed between the pages.
  22. Absorbent wipes

  23. Scattered flour, powdered sugar, dust with a soft napkin can be removed without any problems!
  24. Absorbent wipes

And most importantly - these napkins can be reused. What tangible savings and respect for the environment! Make sure to simplify cleaning - really!

Do not keep the lifhaki in a secret, share it with the ducks!