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Night skin care

Let's be honest, many women consider the evening or, as it is often called, Night skin care Not so important. This can be explained by the fact that because of the banal fatigue you want to immediately fall onto your favorite bed and fall asleep sweetly ...

but "so simple!" Recommends that attention be paid to the fact that, How to take care of your skin before bedtime. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes, but in the morning of the freshness of your face everyone will be jealous!

Rules of night skin care

  1. Never go to bed without cleaning your skin and removing makeup.
  2. As a means for removing make-up you can use the usual petrolatum. Especially suitable for those who have Dry skin of face.
  3. Night skin care

  4. Do not replace day creams with night, and vice versa.
  5. The same Vaseline can be applied before going to sleep on the skin around the eyes, on cheeks and cheekbones, on the lips and around the mouth, while lightly massaging the face.
  6. Petroleum jelly for face

  7. Remember: a lot of cream - nothing good. Apply a small amount, and remove the residue with a tissue.
  8. If you have oily or problematic facial skin, then before bedtime use Salicylic acid, Which is issued in the form of 1% or 2%Solutions. To begin to clean the face of cosmetics, wash with warm water and wipe the skin with a lotion containing salicylic acid. After washing with warm water to wash off the acid residues.

    With salicylic acid, be careful: it should not be applied to places where there are birthmarks, warts or birthmarks.

  9. Night skin care

  10. If you have a young, but not dry skin, you can do without a night cream.
  11. Mature skin already needs a more active night care. After 40 years to the night cream, it is better to add more serum, but it is desirable that the cosmetic products are of the same line.
  12. Night skin care

These simple recommendations can rightfully be called "Perfect skin rules". As you can see, you can even grow asleep while we sleep, which is what we wish you!

Remember that beauty is taking care of yourself!