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How not to gain excess weight to pregnant women

Emergence Additional weight during pregnancy Is a completely natural process. In order to tolerate a healthy child, a woman of medium build for nine months adds about 13 kg. The body achieves the optimal mass at the expense of more consumed food ...

A pregnant woman in later terms requires up to 3,000 calories a day! but Excessive completeness Can lead to vascular disorders and give too much strain on the spine, and this is fraught with the displacement of the discs. So what to do so that during pregnancy do not gain excess weight?

How not to gain weight during pregnancy?


  1. Follow the meal schedule
    You do not need to eat, observing the exact time of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and restrain if you want a snack. Women in the situation are recommended to eat 5-6 times a day.

    However, in any case, do not give upBreakfast, even if you suffer from toxicosis: a prolonged lack of food is very harmful for you and the child. But at night it's better not to eat up. If there is a desire to have a bite, choose natural harmless products.

  2. Listen to your body
    Whatever you say to others, you can notForce yourself to eat through strength, if you do not want to. This applies to both the quantity and quality of food. Do not eat too much or too often simply because "it's so necessary".
  3. Avoid harmful products
    Pregnancy is a time when it is especially important Limit yourself to fast food, And also there are less than half-finished products, smoked,Sharp, fatty dishes and harmful little things, such as chips and crackers. Choose natural products, focusing on domestic goods. Exotic fruits in large quantities to you to anything.
  4. Lead an active lifestyle
    If your doctor has nothing against you doing sports, take this opportunity! Especially useful for pregnant yoga and swimming.
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Remember that if You are waiting for a child, The reclusive way of life will not only not do you good, but it will also hurt you.

Find time for walks, favorite hobbies and meetings with friends!