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Doctor Komarovsky's advice on influenza

doctor Evgeny komarovsky Knowingly earned universal recognition. We thank the responsible doctor sincerely: how many people have become healthier, following his advice, how many people have learned more about elementary things!

when does it start Season of viral diseases, All are concerned about the same issues. How not to get sick if the epidemic chooses for itself the victims of close people? How correctly to be treated, if already it was ill? What should I do if the temperature is high?

"so simple!" Wishes you to remain in good health and advises you to read these reasonable recommendations. The whole truth about viruses, flu and modern medicine - in this excellent article of the beloved Dr. Komarovsky.

Doctor mosquito

Most importantly, what you need to remember: The tactics of action in the disease is completely independent of what the virus is called. It's seasonal flu, swine, elephant, pandemic, it's not flu at all - it's not important.

It is only important that it is virus, That it is transmitted by airborne droplets and that it affects the respiratory system. Hence the specific actions.

Advice from a mosquito doctor for influenza

Prevention of influenza

  1. If there is a possibility to be vaccinated against the flu - get vaccinated, better by the whole family!
  2. Preventive measures against virusesexist. No onions, no garlic, no tincture and no pills swallowed by you or stuffed into the baby are able to protect either from the respiratory virus in general, or from the influenza virus in particular.

    All these folk methods are solely the calming down of their nervous system.

  3. The source of the virus is a person. The fewer people, the less chance of getting sick. Quarantine is the best way to fight the epidemic!
  4. The mask must be worn by a sick person so as not to infect healthy people. Droplets of saliva of a sick person will remain on the mask, and the virus will not spread.
    Doctor mosquito
  5. You need to wash your hands often, use disinfectants, wet wipes, if you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands.

    It is worth not to shake hands during the epidemic and use credit cards: through paper money, the virus is also transmitted.

  6. Walking during an epidemic in the open air no one forbids: getting sick during walking is impossible. Avoid only the accumulation of people!
  7. It is important to support Optimal room temperature, Where often you are: Temperature about 20 ° C, humidity 50-70%. Wash the floor, wipe the dust is desirable more often: during cold weather, heating systems dry the air, and this contributes to the spread of viral diseases.

    It is important to keep wet Nasal mucosa: This will be a protective barrier against any virus. You can buy special drops with sea water and saline in the pharmacy, and you can make them yourself.

    It is enough to dilute 1 teaspoon of common table salt with 1 liter of boiled water and pour the solution into the bottle. Wash and moisturize the nose with this tool is recommended more often!

Treatment of influenza

  1. It is necessary to dress warmly, but in the room to maintain coolness and humidity. Temperature about 20 ° C, humidity 50-70%. Wash the floors, moisten, ventilate the room.
  2. You can not force to eat a sick person! If you want food, it's better to choose something light, liquid, saturated with carbohydrates.
  3. It is very important to drink a lot! You can drink tea, compotes, decoctions, mineral water.
  4. It is necessary to moisten the nose with saline solution and wash it regularly.
  5. If you need to fight High temperature - only paracetamol or ibuprofen. Categorically it is impossible aspirin.
  6. Viral infections Are not treated with antibiotics. These funds do not reduce, but increase the risk of complications.
  7. No expectorants like mucaltin or lazolvana can not be taken without the appointment of a doctor, and the point!

When you need to urgently call a doctor

  1. With a loss of consciousness
  2. With convulsions
  3. With shortness of breath and shortness of breath
  4. With intense pain in any part of the body
  5. With sore throat in the absence of a cold
  6. With headache and vomiting
  7. With swelling of the neck
  8. If there is a rash that does not disappear when you press it.
  9. At a body temperature above 39 ° C, which does not begin to decrease after 30 minutes after using antipyretics.
  10. If the temperature is accompanied by chills, pallor, perspiration.

If the improvement in the condition is not observed on the 4th day of the disease, the doctor is absolutely necessary! Only a specialist can prescribe appropriate treatment.

Severe cases of diseases are most often provoked by the fact that people do not turn to the doctor in time. Remember: the measures taken can depend on the life and health of a person, this applies to everyone!

Share important information with your friends, let everyone be healthy!